Quality Assurance

 Palmer Products, Inc. is proud to be a family owned and operated company committed to providing the highest quality product and service.  All of our industrial bearings are produced in our facility, which allows us to monitor the manufacturing process and maintain the most stringent quality standard.

We manufacturer outer shells from high quality carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel, duplex stainless, and federalloy, among others. We also stock non-metallic shells in linen epoxy to MIL P-15035FBE, and fiberglass epoxy to MIL-P-18177 GEE.  If you require a special shell material in your application, we will make it for you.  

The elastomers used in our industrial bearings are specially compounded to resist abrasion, and yet are resilient enough to allow foreign particles to pass between the shaft and the rubber liner.  This combination will enhance the life of both the bearing and the shaft.

Strict adherence is held to tolerance for inside diameter, outside diameter, length and concentricity.  We, at Palmer Products, Inc., recognize these critical requirements must be maintained to compliment the precision manufactured into your equipment.

I have personally stood behind the quality of every bearing that has left our manufacturing facility since 1973.


Len Palmer, Sr.